Born by the twenty-year experience of the holder, Andrea Rondinara, Geologist, 3E Consultant operates in Italy as well as overseas, providing services to private and public clients.

3E Consultant provides in fact geological and environmental advices in the fields of civil engineering and infrastructures apart from in planning and enhancement of the territory and towards preservation of its resources.

Today, 3E Consultant, by means of multidisciplinary staff, constituted by high quality professionals, advices high qualitative standards and professionalism, in order to meet the requirements of its clients.



Andrea Rondinara

After the degree, in 1991, he had a partnership with the Geological Department of the University of Rome "La Sapienza" like a natural prosecution of the Thesis of Degree.


He started working in 1992 at RE.G.M.A. s.a.s. of Stefano Martinelli &C, (a company specialized in boreholes and consolidations) inside which, as a Technical Manager, he matured a specific experience in the sector of geognostic investigation, deep foundations and consolidations, managing the sector of the acquisition works, their planning and realization by the management of the mechanical equipments and of the hands, operating like intermediate between Clients, Works Manager, Yard Manager and Furnishers.


In 1994 he began to practice the profession of geologist like holder of a Professional Consultant and, later, like Partner of GTA Consultant Partners, with wich he operates until 2001 in Geology sectors, Environmental and Landscape Design.

From 2001, therefore, he keeps on the profession, developing advices in Geology and Hydrogeology sectors, Environmental Impact Analysis and Landscape and Mitigations Design, coordinating multidisciplinary staff for the Environmental Studies.

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3E Consultant develops advices in these sectors:

     Environmental design

          • Mitigations and retrain design
          • Green and street furniture design
          • Naturalistic engineering design
          • Retrain of quarry
          • Retrain of dump
          • Landscape design


    Environmental Studies and Analysis

          • Preliminary Environmental Analysis
          • Environmental Impact Analysis
          • Environmental Screening
          • Construction Site Environmental Impact Analysis and Mitigations Design


    Geological and geotechnical studies

          • Planning of the Geognostic Investigations and Laboratory Analysis
          • Invigilate during the Geognostic Investigations
          • Geological and Geotechnical Studies for public and private Civil engineering
          • Slope Stability Analysis


     Environmental Monitoring

          • Environmental Monitoring Designs
          • Fields Environmental Monitoring


     Environmental Management

          • Preliminary Environmental Analysis
          • Environmental Management Manual
          • Practice and Operative Instructions


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